What’s With All The RunDisney Rumors?

My Facebook feed recently blew up with rumors about several of the Disneyland runDisney races, specifically Tinkerbell and Star Wars, were being discontinued.

With the registration of Star Wars the Light Side still not open, I’m not too surprised if that rumor is true. Also, with all the disappointment at Tink this year and the changes in the volunteer work now being handled by a temp agency, I wonder what will come of that. The biggest complaint I heard about Tink weekend was the lack of characters and entertainment on the course, both in and outside the parks.

When runDisney had a delay in registration in the last it was because they were reconfiguring the race and the theme and logistics.  So is this happening again?  Will Light Side take place during a different month rather than immediately after WDW marathon weekend?  Tink is always during Mother’s Day weekend. Would that also change?

So we just have to wait and see.

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