Life Lessons On The Farm

This week was filled with a lot of changes. The weather was swinging from 60 degrees to 85 degrees and high humidity back to 60 degrees and breezy.  We went from sweatshirts to sweating and back to sweatshirts. But the biggest events happening at the farm were events that involved the chickens.

The Big Move

The chickens were moved from the front field all the way to the back where the cows are. That was a long ride down the old rocky farm trail. The kids rode with Jeff on the tractor and Kevin and I walked behind keeping an eye on out. All was well as they arrived in their new location.

Hawk Eyes

Unfortunately, the new location for the chickens have put them right into the view of the hawks and their fledglings. Sadly two birds were picked off by the hawks.

The children had the opportunity to see what happens on a farm and what a dead chicken looks like. Adrienne has more curiosity than Kevin. She didn’t mind seeing the guts so much. Kevin didn’t care for it.

The Chicken Whisperer

Jeff likes to call my son the chicken whisperer. One night when we put the chickens away my son noticed that one of the birds wasn’t looking week. We pointed her out to Lynn and she took a look at it and was upset to see how thin and emaciated the bird looked. She wouldn’t drink water when offered it. So Lynn was going to bring it up to the house to give it some TLC. She was doing ok for a few days, but did die a few days later. However, it was in a peaceful environment and died in peace thankfully because my son noticed a difference in the behavior of the bird. He is very observant and has picked up on the subtle hints on the farm from day one.

Baby Moon

Baby Moon the calf is my favorite on the farm. After I fed him a bottle in Monday he pushed me halfway up a hill with his head!  He was following me around like a shadow and was so playful!  I had to take some pictures with the little love bug.

Savoring The View

Friday night as we were getting the chickens put away for the night in the greenhouse I saw the sky turning a bright pink with the sunset.  As everyone else was working I ran over to the street to take a picture. The sunset was so mesmerizing. I couldn’t leave it. I was having an emotional day for several reasons and this caused me to take a long pause and soak it all in.

Lynn was walking back to her house and she also saw it and stopped what she was doing. We stood there for about 20-30 minutes and talked and appreciated that moment in time. It was so healing to my soul. I felt like my angels in heaven were painting in the sky a beautiful gift for me.

The Gifts

We really enjoy the time we have on the farm and are very grateful to Jeff and Lynn for sharing their time and place with us. There is so much to learn and see each day.  Adrienne is a lot less fearful of dogs, she is getting braver around the cows and has finally picked up a chicken without fear.

My husband and I enjoy the peace and calm that nature offers and seeing what our children are learning from Jeff and Lynn.

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