Have You Ever Tried LipSense?

Before the BloggyCon conference I received an opportunity to try and review the LipSense lip color and gloss. I had seen several of my friends posting photos of their awesome lip color but I didn’t know what the big deal was about it.

I am very fussy when it comes to my lip color. I prefer only one brand and when I find a brand I like I buy them in bulk!  My current brand was Covergirl Smoochies in the color named #text me. But then they stopped making it and I had to search amazon to hook me up with a few more. If my lips don’t have color on them I feel naked!

I agreed to tried the lip product but wasn’t sure how I would feel about a lip stain.  I chose the color Napa and the Opal Gloss.

When you apply it you have to apply it with your lips slightly parted open and you will feel a tingling sensation. The reason for that is because of the denatured alcohol inside the tube to keep the product bacteria free. If your lips are dry you will feel the tingle. After using the product for two weeks you may not feel it anymore. It also goes away once you apply the lip gloss. 

After applying 3 layers of color, then you apply the gloss. I mean it when I say that the product stays on for the entire day. When your lips begin to feel dry just apply more gloss to freshen them up.  

I wore mine through the day, drank tea, ate lunch, went for a run, and had seltzer water throughout the day. All I needed to do was all more gloss from time to time. 
The beginning of my day

Halfway through my day

During my run

At the end of the day (notice how tired my eyes look but my lips still have color!)

If you’d like to try LipSense you can order now and receive a 15% discount with the code bloggymoms15 from www.redgatebeauty.com

Check it out!  Now is the perfect time to start buying stocking stuffers for the holidays!

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