NYC Marathon 7 Mile Training Run

I am starting a new format to log my training runs so I can look back on them to identify successes and not so successful elements related to the training run. This week in increased my mileage a bit and got up to 7 miles on a long run for the weekend.

Here are the stats of the run:


Breakfast was 3 pieces of light wheat bread as french toast
1 cup of tea

Time of day

I began the run at 1:30 p.m.


It was 79 degrees and full sun with a slight breeze, very low humidity

Fuel on the run

One water bottle and my family met me at mile 4 with an additional water bottle.  I drank some and poured some on my head.


Skirt Sport and a tank top.  Note:  the skirt sport started to chafe around the last mile.  That will either require me to use Glide or choose something else to wear when I run longer distances.


I walked a little extra here and there; but maintained my 30/30 for the entire run.

 Post Run

I felt fine after the run.  I went to the farm and walked up the fields (approx 1.5 miles) in the sun.  Very little soreness the next day.  Mostly felt a little sore in the hip flexors.

Overall I was satisfied with this run.  After mile 4 I felt like I was getting into a groove.  I stayed on the roads that were shady and was pleased to get in a little more mileage with the walk at the farm as well – some cross training.

I hope to continue with this increase a little bit more each week/weekend.

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