Last Minute Prep For The NYC Marathon

I most definitely have pre-race jitters!  They are very similar to the way I felt before my first Walt Disney World Marathon.  I had to clean off my desk and get all my affairs in order so that I could focus on my agenda, timing, locations of where I need and want to be, and figure out my wake up and subway routes.  Now I will begin my last-minute prep, pull out my suitcase and start tossing things in there as I remember them.

The TCS New York City Marathon Pavilion

I have been hearing a lot of great things about the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon Pavilion.  It’s the location of the big wall of names, winner’s medals, Official NYC marathon merchandise, athlete appearances and interactive photo opportunities.  Since this is my first and maybe only NYC marathon, I want to experience this.  So I plan to take the train down on Friday and explore the pavilion.  I also want to use the opportunity to get metro card that are prepaid for my family so they don’t have to worry about it on race day.  This will also give me the opportunity to spend more time at the Expo on Saturday, hopefully meet up with the NYC Marathon Runner group from Facebook, then visit the 9/11 Memorial in the evening while it is lit up.

The Expo

I figured out the subway route to get from Grand Central to the Expo and printed out my Confirmation Form, per the recommendation of the NYRR site.  The route to the expo is quite easy and just a 10 minute subway ride.  I hope to spend a decent amount of time there and then sight see a little

Race Morning

The subway route from my hotel to the 7:45 ferry will be about 30 minutes.  The ferry ride to the Staten Island area is 30 minutes where I will then catch a bus to the runners village.  So I have estimated that I should be at the subway by 6:45.  Thinking my wake up time will be around 4:30/5:00.  It’s much better than a Walt Disney World wake up time; but still and early wake up when I really won’t start running until 11:00 a.m.!

My Last Minute List

Things I have to remember to do:

  • Make room on my phone for all the photos I will be taking
  • Charge all my devices
  • Charge my extra power packs
  • Load my iPod with my podcasts and music
  • Pack a backup alarm clock (due to Day Light Savings)
  • Make my list for the village (pack tea bags, oatmeal, cup, spoon, warm blanket, space blanket…)
  • Make my list for the family to bring so I can do a quick sponge bath and change out of my sports bra after the race before I go back to the hotel to catch the train to go home

I think I’m pretty close to ready.  Maybe 80% ready.  Once I start actually packing my suitcase with my running gear then I will feel a lot more real.  I’m hoping to meet up with NYC Marathon Runner group from Facebook Saturday afternoon.

It’s exciting and I’m nervously excited!!!


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