2018 Walt Disney World 10K

The Walt Disney World 10K is the second race of the Dopey challenge.  It took place on Thursday, January 5 at Epcot. The corrals were the same set up as the previous day’s 5K race.  Since I was in Corral F with my family the day before I also had to start in Corral F for the 10K.  My intention was to run with Team Shenanigans.  So I knew I was going to have to run most of the first 3.5 junk miles before getting into Epcot where I usually find them at the photo stops.

2018 Walt Disney World 10K Pre Race

With the start time of 5:30 I knew I could get up at 4:00 with the intent to leave the hotel at 5:00.  I actually left at 5:10 and arrived to the Epcot parking lot at 5:28 a.m.  I was in my corral at 5:43 and still had plenty of time to wait.  My corral crossed the line and started the race at 6:10 a.m.  It was 36 degrees, warmer than the 28 degrees we had the day before!  But it still felt pretty cold.  I had on several layers.

Character Stops

As usual, this course is the same as it has always been with the first 3 miles along Epcot Center Drive and then through the back stage of Epcot and then we entered the park through Norway.  I didn’t stop for photographs but I did take some as I ran past the photo stops.

The first was the racoon, Meeko from Pocahontas

Walt Disney World 10K
The second was Flik and Princess Atta from A Bug’s Life (they weren’t available for photos at the time)

The third was The Witch from Snow White.

Walt Disney World 10K

As I got into Epcot I kept my eyes peeled for the team.  I spotted them at the first photo stop with Rapunzel and Flynn.  I was so happy to have caught up with the team.  I also warmed up from the running.  While standing in the line for a while I started to get cold.

Walt Disney World 10K

After that we ran to the next photo stop with Pinocchio in Italy.

Walt Disney World 10K

Then we saw Marie the Cat from the Arisocats over in France.

Walt Disney World 10K

At that point the balloon ladies had passed us and we were being warned that at any time we could be swept from the course.  Susanna and I knew we could outrun them so right after the picture stop, we ran the entire way from France to the International Gateway, over to the boardwalk, past Sports Goofy at ESPN, over the bridge near the Swan and Dolphin, and then I caught up with Jackie near mile 5.  Jackie and I walked together and talked and enjoyed the rest of the race together as we went backstage in Epcot over to the UK and through the front of the park.  We went past the large water fountain, under Spaceship Earth, around the front waterfall to return back up under Spaceship Earth.  That’s where the course turns left towards the outside of the park to the finish line.

Post Race

Kenny was passing out medals so we got our 10K medals from our teammate Kenny!  I finished the race in 1 hour 46 minutes.  I do like the Walt Disney World 10K course, despite the road miles in the beginning.  I always enjoy running through Epcot in the morning as the sun is rising.Walt Disney World 10K

I also like this race because I finish early enough to get back to the hotel and have some time to rest.  The Cigna Bloger Meet up usually takes place on the day of the 10K.  I was able to have breakfast, shower and get some work done prior to heading over to the meet up.

2018 Walt Disney World 10K Mile Splits

2018 Walt Disney World 10K
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