Got Skanky Workout Clothes or Uniforms?

Have you forgotten to wash your workout clothes and they sat in the basket with the rest of your clothes and now everything smells like a sweaty locker room?  There is a solution for that!  As I have been trying to incorporate non-toxic products into my household, Fresh Wave Laundry Booster is a great product that I wanted to include in my arsenal of supplies.

What is Fresh Wave

While at the Mom2.0Summit I met with the company Fresh Wave.  They provide products that are non-toxic use natural ingredients such as water and plant extracts from lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood.  They do not contain harsh chemicals and don’t contain synthetic fragrances or alcohol.  They are also 100% phthalate free.

Why Fresh Wave?

I wanted to start using this product because of the natural way the odor is removed from clothing, furniture and cars.  They eliminate odors by breaking apart the chemical bonds that exist between odor molecules.

How Do You Use Fresh Wave?

I took my ripe running clothes from the pile they were dropped in (yea I had to between work, running and a softball game) and loaded them into my washing machine along with my regular detergent.

Skanky clothes that need to be washed

It was a smaller load so I added just a half capful of the Odor Removing Laundry Booster, and ran the cycle.

Using Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

After the laundry was washed, I put it in the dryer; but I did not add a fabric softener sheet to the clothes. I wanted to see if I would notice the difference in the smell without the use of the fabric softener.  I was pleased with the results!  They did not have the leftover locker room sweat smell lingering in them.

Clothes after being washed with Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

How To Get Rid Of The Mold In Your Front Loading Washing Machine?

The Laundry Booster is also great for removing the washing machine odors that tend to linger in front loading washing machines.  Wet a soft cloth with the Laundry Booster and wipe down the rubber gasket, the door and another other visible seals.

Where To Purchase Fresh Wave?

Fresh Wave is currently sold at Walgreens, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Would You Like To Try This Product?

The first 3 people to subscribe to my blog and comment on this blog post will receive a Fresh Wave kit sent to your home!

Fresh Wave Sample Kit
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