I Was In My Own Wrinkle In Time

Many things that have been happening in my life lately are wishes and dreams that I have added to my vision board.  I look at that board every day, and I try to view it before bed so that the ideas and dreams can manifest in my subconscious while I am sleeping.  When I first created the vision board at the beginning of the year, I did not realize the power that it has.  When my friend mentioned to me that it makes her emotional, I didn’t understand that.  Now I get it.  This is an amazing activity that should be done every year.

How Does This Relate to A Wrinkle In Time?

I took the family to see A Wrinkle In Time and was blown away by the similarities of the movie to what I was experiencing in my life right now.  The father, who is a scientist, had “tessered” into a place in time (a fifth dimension), and was missing for four years.  The family missed him dearly and it was affecting them through all the areas in their life.

They went on a quest to find him.  While on this quest they met three women referred to as the “Missus”.  Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which.  They were guardian angels to Meg, her little brother Charles Wallace, and her friend Calvin.  The children discovered the “tesseract” that provides them the ability to travel in time thanks to her little brother.

You have to find the right frequency in order to get to that place.  Similar to them finding the right frequency to get to that special place, I had to find the right frequency in my life to get to where I am today.

Letting Go

Meg was always facing challenges and dealing with negativity from others that was bringing darkness and doubt to her thinking.  She questioned herself and her abilities.  The kids and staff at the school mocked and made fun of Meg and her brother about their father.  Those thoughts bothered Meg and she carried that with her when she was tessering but she had to learn how to let that go.  The negativity caused pain.

I had been facing challenges for a space of time like Meg had been.  I too, was experiencing a lot of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and emotional pain.  I was depressed, losing my joy, and struggling to find what makes me happy in my work.

I love my family and I am very grateful that they have always been here to support me.  But when you have a job, your children, or spouse, or immediate family can’t perform that job for you.  You have to be independent.

I had to heal from things that were holding me back.  Those things that were holding me back and causing me self doubt were represented by the dark place in the movie that was creeping into the character’s minds.  It’s hard enough to believe in ourselves, we don’t need others who are negative to make us second guess ourselves.

Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe all the way, it will hurt.  Meg, the daughter in the movie who was looking for her father was lacking in belief so when she was tessering, it hurt her.

You have to be courageous to make hard decisions for yourself.  I had some decisions for my life made for me; but that life event caused me the opportunity to make a decision to take my next steps for my business plan.

Meg had to be the person in the movie who was ready to trust herself and believe in herself to do what she needed to do to save her father and bring everyone back home.  As they journey through time, Meg learned a lot about herself from the “Missus”.

Living For Today

Spoiler alert!  The last part of the movie was the stab to my heart.  When everyone returned back to earth and their home Meg’s father told her “I wanted to shake hands with the universe… when the hand I should’ve been holding was yours.”

THIS is my moment to embrace my children now. When the father said that to Meg I felt extremely guilty.  I am a working parent and my son has said to me several times recently that I am working too much and he doesn’t get to see me as much.  I had to remind him that I was trying real hard to do a good job so that we can do the fun things that we enjoy doing and so that maybe one day I can be my own boss and have more time.

I don’t blame the father for trying to reach the stars, he is an adult who had dreams and aspirations.  I think it is important for our children to see us work hard and try to achieve our dreams.  But there is also that fine balance of putting work aside to make time for what is most important – your family.

Now I have a chance to manage my time more efficiently to set my own hours and be around for my children, to play with them again and to also show them that sometimes when something doesn’t work out, it is because something better is waiting for you.

Savor The Time

Time is passing far too quickly than I want.  I have been feeling it a lot on my heart lately as my son’s eyes are getting closer and closer to being at the same level as mine.  Before long I will be looking up at him.

My daughter is becoming more and more like a tween than my little baby girl.  I’m trying so hard to keep them little; but I know they need to start growing up and experiencing the things that they should be at their age.  Even if some of those experiences are going to be hard for them.  I can’t always protect them and go to their rescue.  They are going to need to find it within themselves to find their strength, their voice, and the light in themselves.

Have you seen A Wrinkle In Time yet?  I’d love to hear what you though of it!  Share your thoughts in the comments area.

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