Save Money While Spending Money For Your Disney Vacation!

I have been learning how to be more frugal with my spending lately. I’m actually making money when I spend money!  It’s like a game. I would say this is similar to those who like to clip coupons and come home with lots of free products.

How To Make Money While Spending Money

The two apps that I have been using to make this extra vacation money are ibotta and Ebates.


Ibotta is a rebate program. The best way to use it is to use that time that you may be playing on your phone or social media and dedicate 15 minutes to searching through the rebates available at the stores that you frequently shop at.  This is my referral code to help me earn money so YOU can earn money!

The screen looks like this:

Saving Money for Vacation while Spending Money
Click the plus sign next to each item that you may purchase. Even if you do not purchase it, it’s good to check it off just in case.

After you go to the store, you scan your receipt and the app looks for the items you selected and compares them to the items on your receipt. For all the matches it adds the rebate amount to your account.  Some stores may require that you scan the bar code of some of the products to verify the purchase.

If you refer a friend to use the program and then they do actually use it you earn money as well!

Since I stared using this app in September I earned $60 and already deposited it to my vacation account!


Ebates is great!  I have been using it for my holiday shopping and also referred my husband to use it and he earned money and I earned a bonus for his referral and use.  Now I just have to convince my mom to start using it!  With the holiday specials going on stores such as Kohl’s is giving 6% cash back!  I have been using it for 2 weeks and already earned $40 and just got notified that another $25 is on its way!  Please use my ebates referral link to start saving your money and getting cash back too!

The great thing about having two adults in one household is that you can refer your spouse, family member, roommate, etc. you both can save and earn at the same time!


It’s also that time of year to move out some of the old toys to make room for some of the new that Santa will be delivering. I gathered up many of the puzzles, books and younger toys that my children have outgrown and I will bring them to the consignment shop. Now is the most critical time to get them there for those shopping for their little ones. I won’t make a fortune on them but I’ll make more than having them sit in the garage and wait for a tag sale where I will practically give them away.

Affiliate Programs

If you are a blogger like me, it’s also great to be part of affiliate programs to some of the products you support.  For instance I have affiliate links for the following:



Mabel’s Labels

Amazon – the Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black

Please feel free to use my affiliate links to save money and/or create affiliate accounts of your own!

So there you have it, my tips on how to make money while spending money and tucking those little wins of money away for your Disney or any vacation!

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Pamela Frost

Yea I am still building up affiliate programs and it takes a long time. But doing immediate shopping and coupons virtually is making me money immediately.


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