2017 Inflation Celebration

Our tradition has continued into its third year.  The day before Thanksgiving we take a trip into New York City to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Inflation Celebration. My kids and I are big on traditions. They knew we were going to the city but they didn’t know for sure which day. I am lucky enough that they didn’t know specifically which day Thanksgiving was during their school break.

We surprised them on Wednesday morning.  My son thought there was a school delay so we went with that as part of the surprise reveal. I faked them out by using my iPad instead of my phone to record them. My daughter is on to me when she sees me recording them. We revealed few surprise and then got ready and met my parents at the West Haven train station.

We took the 10:49 train down to the Grand Central and arrived at 12:45. We got on the subway and arrived to the Museum of Natural History close to 2:00. Usually that time works out perfectly, but this year there was a change in the logistics of how they navigated people to the viewing area. Instead of being able to walk right over to the first row of balloons, we had to walk a 10 block radius around the viewing area for safety reasons. This added close to an hour to the time that we could actually enter the viewing area. This year there were four new balloons: Olaf, Jet, The Aflac duck, and Harold the baseball player.

Enjoy the video recap of our new annual tradition!

Do you have a special holiday tradition?  Share it with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear what your family does.

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