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Hunger is Scary Twitter Party

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful woman, Sharon, for a cause that is important to her.  Every Halloween she raises awareness to help support local food shelters with a Student Group Competition.  She asked for my help in getting the word out via social media.  I love her message, “hunger is scary”.  I immediately loved what she was doing and told my kids.  When we go trick or treating this year, we are going to bring our wagon with us and collect food for our local food pantry.  We will also hand out fliers with a link where those who are interested can donate funds to an organization.

After Halloween passes, people focus on the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I want those holidays to be significant in many ways this year.  They will be bittersweet and will have a lot of emotions attached to them in our community of North Branford this year.  But I’d like to do something uplifting and good for our town.  I want to continue the spirit of community and caring for your neighbors by keeping the awareness prominent that others we may even go to class with don’t have much.

In the spirit of one of Lyla’s wishes when she left the hospital last year, I’d like to full up our food pantry boxes to overflowing.  People come and go with busy lives and may share their lives on Facebook and social media and things may look well and happy; but images say one thing.  What someone is really going through may not be displayed.  I’d like us to open our eyes to others and not just pass them by as we come and go from our kids’ activities; but let’s “be a community” and talk to one another.  Let them know you care.

What Is Hunger is Scary?

Sharon’s organization’s goal is to engage local teenagers in their communities by providing them a way to volunteer on Halloween.  Individuals can rally a community around a common cause of fighting hunger by organizing a street, neighborhood, or an entire town to participate in giving.

To help raise awareness to Sharon’s program, I invite you to follow them on their social media channels:

Web Site –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

I am also hosting a Twitter Party on Tuesday, October 24 at 8:00 PM ET to raise awareness.  Please RSVP to this event to learn more about how you can participate and you can even win prizes!

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Pamela Frost


Deborah Cochran

I actually haven’t heard about Hunger is Scary but was so glad you are hosting a party to bring more awareness to this cause. Even though we have food drives at work several times a year, it doesn’t really make us think about how scary being hungry is until it happens to us.

Marissa M

I have not heard of Hunger is Scary before so I am happy to have the opportunity to learn more about it. I could definitely make a donation.


This is my first time here. I have not heard of Hunger is Scary before today. I am excited to find out more about this and spread the word in the future!

sherry fowler

I have not heard of this but I am glad to know about it now so I can spread the word!


I’ve never heard of Hunger is scary but spreading the word through social media is something we can all do:)


I have not hear do Hunger Is Scary before but it makes a lot of sense to support. Personally I like having my kids in the act of giving tangible items to the food pantry (just a few) while giving money directly to the food pantry myself because it is more effective giving. Giving money allows the food pantry to buy what they need in bulk low prices, so I think it’s great to have the flyers with links for giving!

lorri garelick langmaid

No I have not. I’m glad to be joining the party and find out all about it.

Derrick Johnson

No,I haven’t heard of this before but our family has donated plenty of times to our local food bank and clothing to Goodwill so this will be great to learn about the Hunger Is Scary program.

Dolores Hall

This is my first time hearing of Hunger Is Scary so I am definitely looking forward to learning as much as i can at the party. RSVP @DaQueen_MrsDIVA

Jamie-May King

I haven’t heard of it until now. I could do my part in community and donate, Maybe a thanksgiving dinner, to food shelter. Maybe volunteer my time to feed the homeless with a local non profit


I have never heard of it until I saw this listing about a Twitter Party! I would love to take a part and help spread the word! I donate to local clothing banks,shelters all year long. I love to pay it forward

Julie Fields

I haven’t heard of it before but it is true. I can donate to our local food bank, which I do.


I haven’t heard of it before. But now I can donate and spread the word via social media.


I haven’t heard of Hunger is Scary before, but I’m excited to learn more about it. See you at the party!

Wendy Rafferty

This is my first time hearing about Hunger is Scary! I have two teenagers who love to be social, and hold events. Can’t wait to learn more about helping!


Never have heard of Hunger Is Scary. By spreading the word on social media, we all can help.

Lori Leal

I had not heard of Hunger Is Scary until I read this article today. I want to help by first of all learning more about, and also by sharing information about this wonderful organization on my social media outlets to help spread the word. I look forward to tonight’s Twitter Party, and I’ll be sure to encourage my friends and followers to attend as well! 🙂

Rushell Tuggle

I’ve never heard of it but looking forward to tonight’s party. I think we can all help by donating to our local help houses, shelvers, pantries. Even doing a food drive and getting the kids involved would be amazing!


No I haven’t, but I am more than happy to spread awareness about Hunger Is Scary by donating my time and food at local shelters,


Rsvp me @dcgirl1969

I haven’t heard of Hunger is Scary but that sure is a fitting title. I try to give canned and boxed food to drives as often as able. I Also donate clothes we no longer use. Times are really tight for us right now with DH unable to work,etc but I always know there’s someone worse off. We were homeless once so I always am thankful for what we do had. A few weeks ago I gave an elderly fixed income neighbor half a lasagna because he couldn’t even remember the last time he didn’t eat a sandwich or a microwave meal for dinner. I wanted him to have some home cooked food.

Leeanne C

This is the first time hearing about Hunger is Scary but I’m glad that i can learn more about it.

Gayle Greene

I haven’t heard about Hunger Is Scary until recently. However, this sounds like a great cause and I am involved with a community/homeless kitchen that serves 3 meals a day. I am in charge of cooking eggs for breakfast : ). I also help create “food boxes” to give to a local shelter with members of my church.


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