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Dopey Training Update

I recently increased my training mileage for the Dopey Challenge coming up the first week in January.  While I won’t have time to get in a 20 miles training run before the races, I do hopefully still have some miles on my legs from the NYC marathon that will count towards the long runs.  It…read more

How To Train for Running Injury Free

Antonio Williams, M.S., NASM, P.E.S, Case Management Specialist, Health Educator at Cigna has very helpful information to help you avoid injuries when training for races.  I made many of these mistakes when I was an early runner. Cross Training A mistake some runners make is not including strength training in their training program. That’s why I…read more

New Yoga Poses

In Yoga we did some new poses and one of my favorites was the Inversion Pose.  This pose was fun to do because I wore my heart rate monitor to class so I could view my stats.  The inversion pose really drops the heart rate quite a bit!  That’s because you have your feet in…read more

I Got It Back

Before my vacation I was struggling with my running.  My ankle was almost healed. I had run the Middletown Half Marathon and the Cheshire Half Marathon but they were out of obligation. I wasn’t feeling the desire to race them. But I did well considering I wasn’t feeling as prepared for them as I thought…read more

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